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Affiliate Disclaimer

Hello Readers,

Some pages on may include affiliate links to specific products or services. When you click an affiliate link and subsequently make a purchase, I may earn a commission fee from the seller (e.g. of the item. This does not impact the price of the item for you or cause you to incur any extra cost – this commission strictly comes from the seller.

Why affiliate links? They are an easy way for me to earn some revenue to offset the costs of maintaining this site without causing any fees for my readers. In addition, I’m able to easily share the products and services that I use and recommend with my readers.

All the affiliate links I’ve included on this site are for products I’ve owned and stand behind except where explicitly noted. Generally, I own all the products that I provide links to, however I sometimes also include alternative products to give you additional options. In addition, I also include alternative products if the original product is not available in your region. I’ve sourced these alternative products by reading reviews and documentation.

It is still up to you the consumer to make an educated choice on which products you wish to buy. I provide no warranty on the products you purchase (but the manufacturer of the item likely does). However if you run into issues, please post a comment, and I’m happy to help out. Your issue could perhaps also help other readers!

At this time, I currently only use affiliate links. This is where I buy 95% of my tech related products.

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